VSOP Dudognon

The VSOP Dudognon Cognac is a young Cognac of great finesse. It develops aromas of vanilla, woody and exotic fruits. As our ancestors taught us, we distill over a wood fire in two copper stills dating from 1901 and 1936. The Cognac thus collected is aged in new Limousin oak barrels without sugar, wood or caramel.

VSOP can be enjoyed as an aperitif on ice or in cocktails. It will go well with a fresh sheep’s cheese or Roquefort cheese.

Grape variety: 10% Montils, 90% Ugni-blanc
Eye: Clear and bright with a golden colour
Nose: Elegant and vanilla, delicately woody and fruity.
Palate: Round and “fresh”, aromatic persistence. After aeration, notes of honey.